Sunday, April 29, 2012

root beer date night

On Friday night I surprised Josh with a date night!  His mom babysat for us and I whisked him away to a surprise destination...BevMo!  LOL  I know, two Mormons in a liquor store.  It was pretty funny.  A girl was sampling Tequila which we politely declined and headed straight over to the soda wall.  They have a plethora of soda choices and my honey is a root beer lover so I thought it would be fun to pick out some different fancy kinds and taste test them at home :)  We actually ended up tasting them Saturday night after they had a chance to chill and after the kids went to bed.  It was like a two-parter date and I didn't mind at all!

This boy loves him some root beer

My cutie tasting

The 5 finalists.  The "Dang" good root beer on the far left was super sweet and tasted like butterscotch!  Yummy

The winners.  The "River City" one is bottled right here in Sacramento and was my favorite.

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Liz Smith said...

you guys are so funny. did you get carded? :P im actually half serious. One time i got carded trying to buy a bottle of welch's sparkling grape juice. the cashier was underage, glanced at the bottle, and called out "21!" to her manager and then asked for id. i just looked at her and was like, um....really? when she realized it we both just laughed...but for a split second i was so confused. lol.