Friday, March 16, 2012

our life the last month

The day: February 12, 2012.
The event: Our water heater burst that night (literally burst at the seam).
The evidence: 

The big deal: Our water heater is in our hallway in the house.  Said water heater break caused water damage to the bathroom floor next to the WH closet, the kids bedroom closet and the hallway.  For about the first week this is what we were maneuvering around:

The (first part of) drama:  We went a week without hot water!  I know I should just be grateful for clean running water - and believe me I am.  But a week with 2 two-year-olds without hot water was...well...let's just say I hope we never have to experience that again!  Our old water heater was installed in 1988.  I have no idea how it lasted as long as it did and it's a miracle something worse didn't happen to be honest.  But the problem now was that it was not up to code in so many ways that a lot of work had to be done.  And we had to get a special small non-standard WH because the closet is so small.  In the end my dad came to the rescue and he and his friend Sam installed our new water heater.  Isn't she beautiful?!:

The new surprise: After the floors were dried out and we found out that homeowners insurance was paying to have all our flooring replaced (woo hoo!), we got the news that our bathroom floor came back positive for...asbestos!  So, the next few days at our house looked like this:

They're baaack:  After the asbestos was all cleaned up, the dryers came back for a day to make sure the sub-floor in the bathroom was dried out:

I'm crazy:  So, we had a couple of weeks to get used to the idea of replacing the carpet in all of the house.  We were excited because we've been wanting to do it since we moved in but were putting it off because of the expense.  So when we found out the insurance was paying for it, we felt it was a blessing in disguise.  BUT, still soooo much work!  We basically had to move out of our house to get it done.  EVERYTHING out of all rooms including closets.  Yeah, that part was not so fun.  But, since we were doing all that work to move all our furniture out, I decided, why not paint the living and dining room while the stuff is out of the way and before the new carpet is in.  So every night after work and after the kids were in bed, I spent a couple of hours painting.  Yeah, long days but worth the effort.  I don't have any before/afters right now and now it's dark out so any pics I take wouldn't look that great.  Just know that I love the colors sooo much better.

The carpet: My brother Bohdan just happens to install carpet for a living so we scored there.  He knew where to go to get the best deal and he did our whole house pretty much by himself.  It was amazing.  We were so thankful to have him do it!  Here are a couple of pics from the first carpet laying day and a clip of the kids having a ball on the pad before the carpet was put in:

The bathroom:  After the carpet was laid and we moved all our stuff back in (still not unpacked yet), it was time to focus on the bathroom. Yes, I decided to paid that too.  Josh did the floors by himself!  I'm proud of him for doing such a great job!

So, we are finally starting to feel a little put back together.  We have some other changes happening while all this is going on big kid beds, new potty chairs, converting our office to a bedroom...but those are stories for another day!

PS Velay, thanks for missing me...and guilting me into updating my blog finally! :)