Monday, January 2, 2012

2011 in review

so...about a year ago i posted about my goals for the year and thought i should see how i did.

✭BLOG more - my goal was 3 times a week.  clearly that didn't happen since my last post before this one was what, september?  in fact i think i blogged less this year than any other year before.  so, maybe not making a blog goal this year will be more effective.

✭COUPONing- i have to say i did awesome with this the first half of the year.  i learned good prices and when to stock up, etc.  in fact i'm still using some of the stuff i stocked up on.  but, mid-year i sort of fizzled out.  it takes so much time!  i keep saying, once i can quit my day job i'll coupon more.  still look for good deals, but i don't dedicate as much time lately..

✭COOK more - totally did this.  my crockpot and i have become good friends and meal planning is a life (and pocketbook) saver.

✭make QUIET BOOKS for my kids - aced this one.  ok, it may still be un-bound, but the pages have been done for months and the kids enjoy it. i loved this project!  i have ideas for several more that hopefully i'll get around to soon.

✭SCRIPTURES every day - did pretty good on this.  always want to do better! and read to my kids every day.

✭lose WEIGHT - how do i measure this one.  i gained about 15 pounds and have lost that again plus some.  still working on it. 

✭GARDEN - i was super proud of our garden this year!  we had a bounty of squash, zucchini, grean beans, bell peppers (yellow, red, orange and green), poblano peppers, jalapenos, tomatoes, basil, parsley, chives and cucumbers.  i made about 12 bottles worth of spaghetti sauce and two batches of pepper jelly with our spoils.

✭made JAMS & JELLIES - pepper jelly from our garden and mixed berry jam.  YUM!

✭organize and decorate our OFFICE - kept up on my filing and organizing.  didn't decorate though

✭house UPDATES on our house - we did get new blinds for the living room.  no painting or updates to kitchen yet.

so, i didn't accomplish everything 100% but i made and kept other goals throughout the year so i am not ashamed.  i love the new year and fresh start it seems to give.  BRING IT ON 2012.  i'm so ready for you!


Liz Smith said...

i think you did good. i was looking at some of the things on there and thought, hmm....i need to do that, oh, and that, and i should probably do that. maybe i should make some real resolutions....

i do think you should blog more....but that's more of a selfish request since i miss you! Happy New Year, bon bon! :)

Melanie said...

I agree with Liz. A lot of those resolutions I need to do too. You should blog about your quiet book. I would love to see those. Always in need of a good idea. But I'm with you, 2012 bring it!!! I think it's going to be a good one. Happy New Year, "my angel!" Don't you just love your nicknames!