Sunday, June 19, 2011

modern conveniences and other things

sometimes i'm really thankful for the convenience of online shopping.  no, not for fun kind of shopping like clothes and shoes (although i am thankful for that too).  i'm talking about ordering diapers, wipes, know, things other people are really going to be thankful i was able to purchase too when I have super busy weeks coming up like this one. :)

the kids tun 18 months this Wednesday!  i told them now that they are old enough for nursery (yipee!!), they can stop growing up now.  we did our first week of swimming lessons last week and another one this week.  they love it but not as much as i thought they would.  i honestly think josh has the most fun of any of us - he is such a fun dad.

this weekend was so much fun - shopping with josh and the kids, garage saleing with mom green, and josh and i saw Mary Poppins on Broadway (in Sacramento).  love that movie.  the play was pretty good too. today was fathers day and the kids and i had fun spoiling josh.  for dinner we made steak (josh did that part), grilled squash from our garden, grilled corn on the cob, yummy fresh pineapple and strawberry salad, and garlic blue cheese mashed potatoes (so good!).  i love weekends.  at least it's only a four day week this week!

good night all!


NatMo said...

Pineapple and strawberry salad? That sounds yummy, I would like to try. Does it have anything else in it, and what kind of dressing do you use?

Liz Smith said...

i've been wanting to see mary poppins so bad! it's coming back to chicago this fall and i am crossing my fingers jared picks up on my hints and gets us some tickets. i loved that movie too as a kid. such a classic!