Tuesday, April 5, 2011

just 3 little things

sometime i'm actually going to get around to posting some "for reals" posts, but for now i will just say:
1. we have started sleep training the babies (ie letting them "cry it out").  this is the second night and yes, they're crying as i type, but somehow i feel a total sense of freedom knowing it's ok for me to do this and it's good for both of us.  last night was the first time in their lives i think that they went to sleep on their own!
2. i just read on facebook that my SIL ashley is having a baby boy in august and i am SOOO super duper excited.  yay for a new nephew!
3. i think i'm going to make this tomorrow and i'm hoping it really does taste like thai food!

good night!


ashwey said...

You are so cute. I miss you a lot. Good luck on the sleep training. You will be so happy when you can just put them to bed and they won't make a noise!

Liz Smith said...

im going to have to try that recipe!

good luck with the babies!