Tuesday, March 1, 2011

new blinds!

So twice a year J gets a bonus - not very big, but just some money that isn't in our normal budget. I always tell him he gets to pick what we spend it on because it's "extra". This year he surprised me and wanted to spend it on living room blinds! I've been wanting them since we moved in so I was so excited! Of course I didn't get a "before" picture because that would have been fun to post on here, but the old blinds were vertical metal blinds that were huge and bulky - just completely dated. Now the room feels so much more cozy :) Oh and we got a set for our larger kitchen window too. So, a small part of one of my goals (updating the house) is complete.


Megan said...

YEAH! They look great! So happy for you! And I hope your babies are feeling better soon!

Maris said...

That's awesome... and they look great!

Liz Smith said...

it's amazing how such a small update makes a big difference. new blinds just freshen everything up! looks good!