Wednesday, March 23, 2011

just call me mrs. notary pants

yep, i'm officially a Notary Public for the state of CA.  i even performed my first notarial act today at work (don't tell anyone but i was really nervous!).  i think being a notary will be fun though...something new is nice sometimes.


Amy said...

Candie, That is an excellent way for you to supplement your income as a stay-at-home parent someday. Congratulations!
Mom Green

Megan said...

I'm a Notary too! I got it last year through work. And yes, I still get nervous doing them! I haven't done too many. But one time, I did have to go to the Sutter ICU to do a Power of Attorney for a new client. I was super nervous.

I think you'll do great!!

ashwey said...

You are such an accomplished lady. I'm so proud to be your sister-in-law!