Saturday, March 19, 2011

first day of spring!

...i'm back from my 2 week blog hiatus...

by the way, sorry about that last post.  i just re-read it and boy, what a downer.  that's not fun.  i have good news to post today though.  even though it's raining and has been for what seems like for-ev-er, i love the rain.  i love the smell and the feeling of getting all cozy inside.  josh even turned on our pellet stove last night.  BUT, as much as i love the rain i love a change in seasons even more.

SPRING is on the way people.  tomorrow is the official first day of spring! (i just googled it so you know it must be true).  our plum trees have already bloomed and leafed (is that a word?).  our apple tree now has popcorn popping and our cherry trees (my favorite) are coming along too.  not to mention our daffodils are bloomed and our ONE bright pink tulip is up and beautiful.

i especially love the symbolism of spring and new life and renewal.  maybe i'll blog more about that around Easter time :)

happy spring everyone!

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Maris said...

Cand... I love you! And I'm stoked that your trees are blooming. Thanks for sharing... it made my day. I'm patiently awaiting our fruit trees and flower to blossom here, but I love that they're budding and coming up. Crossing my fingers I won't have to wait much longer!