Wednesday, March 23, 2011

just call me mrs. notary pants

yep, i'm officially a Notary Public for the state of CA.  i even performed my first notarial act today at work (don't tell anyone but i was really nervous!).  i think being a notary will be fun though...something new is nice sometimes.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

first day of spring!

...i'm back from my 2 week blog hiatus...

by the way, sorry about that last post.  i just re-read it and boy, what a downer.  that's not fun.  i have good news to post today though.  even though it's raining and has been for what seems like for-ev-er, i love the rain.  i love the smell and the feeling of getting all cozy inside.  josh even turned on our pellet stove last night.  BUT, as much as i love the rain i love a change in seasons even more.

SPRING is on the way people.  tomorrow is the official first day of spring! (i just googled it so you know it must be true).  our plum trees have already bloomed and leafed (is that a word?).  our apple tree now has popcorn popping and our cherry trees (my favorite) are coming along too.  not to mention our daffodils are bloomed and our ONE bright pink tulip is up and beautiful.

i especially love the symbolism of spring and new life and renewal.  maybe i'll blog more about that around Easter time :)

happy spring everyone!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

motivation, I miss you!

Someone please tell me why I am not motivated to lose weight?  Well, I take that back.  I go through phases of being motivated (like from 8am-12pm today I ate really healthy but then I just blew it the rest of the day - ending with Cold Stone ice cream).  I seriously don't know what is wrong with me!  I can't seem to STAY motivated and it's driving me nuts.  I don't want to pay for Weight Watchers, but I try almost daily to do it on my own and I just slip and end up overeating and feeling crappy.  I seriously need to find motivation again soon or I'm going to be back at my pregnancy weight here pretty quick.  Blech!

Sorry, just needed to get this off my chest!

Friday, March 4, 2011

oh my sillies

 Eden and Ezra discovered a new drawer this past week and have been having fun pulling all my cake pans out and banging them on the kitchen floor, etc.  This morning they started at it again (probably because this is the only non-child proofed drawer within their reach...) and I just let them at it because we had just woken up and it was giving me a chance to get ready for the day.  Pretty soon I heard Ezzy crying and when I came into the kitchen I saw this...

LOL.  They were cracking me up!  Luckily I had my camera on the counter and snapped a few shots of them crammed in their little drawer.  I don't know why, but they LOVE to get into boxes and buckets and baskets and apparently oven drawers.  The other day Ezra was trying to sit it the tiniest little box at my parents house (smaller than a shoebox) and pretty soon Eden came over and tried to wedge her way in there with him.  They are so silly.

PS I know Eden's hair is crazy in these pics.  She will NOT keep a hair tie in her hair for anything!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

new blinds!

So twice a year J gets a bonus - not very big, but just some money that isn't in our normal budget. I always tell him he gets to pick what we spend it on because it's "extra". This year he surprised me and wanted to spend it on living room blinds! I've been wanting them since we moved in so I was so excited! Of course I didn't get a "before" picture because that would have been fun to post on here, but the old blinds were vertical metal blinds that were huge and bulky - just completely dated. Now the room feels so much more cozy :) Oh and we got a set for our larger kitchen window too. So, a small part of one of my goals (updating the house) is complete.