Sunday, January 30, 2011

this and that

what a wonderful weekend. other than feeling sick still, we've had fun.

friday the babies and i went for a nice foggy walk and spent the day together. then that night we went with the trogdons to LEATHERBYS (!). i've been craving it so that was yummy, even if my brownie did taste like cardboard.

yesterday i was feeling so icky again. i woke up that morning with a terrible pain in my chest and had to do my inhaler before i could breathe comfortably again. josh had to leave me to work overtime all day which was sad, but i'm thankful for the money and that we have jobs...

today was stake conference. it was a broadcast from SLC for 67 stakes in northern california. the talks were wonderful. even though i spent most of the time chasing ezra around the hallway, they were broadcasting it in so many rooms i could pretty much hear the talks no matter where i was so that was nice. one thing that really struck me was that i need to read the scriptures to my children every day. new GOAL for my list :) that and attending the temple at least once a month. after conference we spent some time with mom green which was nice.

welp nothing else really happening. another week starts tomorrow. at least it's only a 4 day work week for me - actually i won't have to work a 5 day week until like the 2nd week in March. woot woot!

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