Thursday, January 20, 2011


a little robitussin, excedrine, two different inhalers and some in n' out in my belly and i'm feeling a teensy bit better.

moms should not be allowed to get sick!

speaking of moms, my mommy has pneumonia right now
 :( prayers for her are appreciated!


Liz Smith said... fun at all. Feel better soon, sweetie! I will try not to be bitter that you had some in 'n out goodness because you're sick. okay, it didn't work, i am still bitter you get to eat in 'n out and i can't. :P i hope mama cottman gets better soon too!

p.s. not sure if you've tried this, but aleve sinus and cold is my best friend when i'm sick (if it's a cold). it's good stuff. ;)

Candie said...

aleve huh? i'll have to try that - i think i have a coupon :)