Saturday, January 15, 2011

hoping to de-funk in 2011

well it's January again so naturally i've been reflecting on the last year.  2010 was definitely an interesting year in the green house.  actually looking back the year seems like a blur.  sometimes i think things like, we went to utah last summer or we did this or that...but i'm actually thinking of 2009.  almost like 2010 didn't happen in some ways.  weird.  of course it's been a wonderful first year as a mother and watching my cutie patooties grow and learn so much...but i've realized something.  i've been in a funk for pretty much...well, pretty much the whole year.  i think a lot of it was postpartum depression.  nothing too severe but enough to make me not feel like myself and not feel motivated to set goals or do anything to improve myself.

i think i'm finally starting to break out of the funk and get back to myself.  i'm finally back down to my pre-pregnancy weight (heaviest pre-preg but it's something) and starting to feel pretty again.  josh and i both hate that i have to work right now, but we're making plans and feeling good about them.  i am thankful that at least heavenly father has made work more bearable these days.  i'm learning to find happiness even though i'm not a stay at home mom (yet!).  i'm having fun with josh as we learn how to be parents and laugh at our "learning experiences" and our kids' funny personalities.

so i thought i'd share some of my goals for 2011 - now that i've actually made some:

✭one is to BLOG more.  i think it's healthy to write thoughts down and since i've been terrible at keeping my journal (funk, remember) i am setting a goal to blog at least 3 times weekly.  we'll see if i can keep it up.

✭i want to become a crazy COUPON lady.  i am really inspired by some of these blogs i read where people save 50-75% off their grocery bill.  oh the possibilities if i could save this kind of money!  as part of this goal i want to have 1 year of household supplies (cleaners, TP, toothpaste, soap etc) as well as at least a year supply of food stocked up by the end of the year.

✭COOK more.  i haven't really cooked more than once a week since the babies were born.  part of it is that i don't get home from work until about 6:30pm so josh is usually the one to cook...or we just fend for ourselves.  i'm going to try to look up some crockpot meals and other ideas for prepping dinner maybe the night before and then just cooking it the next day.  ideas welcome on this one.

✭make QUIET BOOKS for my kids.  my mom had one for us when we were little and i loved to flip through it and do all the activities during sacrament meeting.  this has been on my "to do" list since before i even had the babies and i actually have all my ideas on paper - just need to get busy.

✭this one should be at the top of this little list i'm typing.  study my SCRIPTURES every day.  this is one i actually haven't slacked on necessarily, but i want to have more meaningful scripture study daily (key word here is study and not just read).

✭lose WEIGHT.  i have a goal in mind but i don't really feel the need to share the details.  ok, maybe i'll just say that i would like to lose at least another 30 lbs.  heck who knows, maybe i'll even get up enough gusto to do some exercise too.

✭this spring/summer i am going to plant a GARDEN.  we had a pitiful garden last year which we planted in a hurry and then neglected.  this year i really want to plant and eat what we grow - then we'll be eating healthy and saving money.  some things on my list to plant: tomatoes (heirloom, beefsteak, cherry), green beans, corn, jalapenos, bell peppers, zucchini, squash, basil, chives, cucumbers and possibly strawberries, onions & potatoes.  i also would like to plant more fruit trees (citrus - grapefruit, lemon, lime, orange), but that depends on time and money so i'm not commiting to them because i know those may or may not happen this year :)

✭sort of along those same lines, i want to make JAMS & JELLIES this summer.  i particularly want to learn to make pepper jelly.  it is so yummy!  then i can give it away at christmas and won't have to think about what i'm going to give my neighbors when that time comes around.  see, thinking ahead here :)

✭organize and decorate our OFFICE.  this room is the catch-all in our house and i need to get a handle on it!  i have a file cabinet but do i use it?  sure, i use stack all my filing paperwork on top.  i have a theme in mind (josh will like it).  after 1 1/2 years in our house i think it's about time i make time to do this one.

✭do some UPDATES on our house.  we have a whole list of things to do, but probably most of them won't happen until some of our other financial goals are met. but this year i would at least like to paint and update the blinds in our living room.  i want to update our kitchen too but i can't decide what to do with it, so for now it sits looking bland and boring.  oh well, at least i have a kitchen :)

so, i have some other goals too but i'm not entirely sure i will be able to accomplish them (because they depend on factors outside myself).  but i would love to pay off our VAN and quit my job to stay at HOME fulltime, but like i said, plans are in the works and we'll see what happens.

well, if you stuck around to read all of that, thanks.  just needed to get it out of my brain and somewhere else so i can start focusing on my goals!!  this is my 2nd blog post this week, so at least that one's going well. i'm feeling de-funkified more each day so i have high hopes for the others too.


Trulie said...

Love you Can! I think you're amazing!

Try this site for some crockpot ideas: I've looked through it a bit and some of them look really she does like ANYTHING in her crockpot.

Also, want help with quiet books? I understand if you want to do it yourself, but I'd love to help if you want some!

I love you!

Brooke Trogdon said...


I loved this. It's so true, having babies can give you a funk. You should put on that list of goals to hang out with friends more often! lol I guess that should be on my list too. I think in 2009 we saw each other almost every day and 2010 we saw each other like 5 times total. WRONG.

I would love to help you with your home and painting and decorating on a tight budget. When budgets are small, that is where I can shine and find awesome deals and ways to make it your own. I'd love to learn how to make the quiet books as well, so if you want to have a sewing day, i'd love to learn!


Kutys said...

Lots of great idea for the cooking more often (which i need to do more of too and i AM a stay at home mom and don't get around to it so don't feel bad) freezer meals. i actually want to start a freezer meal group, i saw a blog where they did this and becasue they did it in a group they could buy in bulk and save a bunch. i think she said they all got like 16 meals out of it and it only cost them $95. let me know if you'd be interested, it takes a couple days (shopping and getting together to cook everything) but then you are set for awhile.

NatMo said...

Awesome recipe site!
I know how you feel about the post-partum! Good thoughts coming your way!