Sunday, January 16, 2011

chocolatey goodness

remember in elementary school when you got a choice between a chocolate or regular milk carton with your lunch?  i must have been crazy back then because i remember thinking the chocolate milk was way too "chocolatey" and i always went for the white milk.  would that i still hated it, but no more.  the most delicious beverage ever is BYU chocolate milk, but i'll settle for nesquik in a pinch.  like this week.  i have been addicted to chocolate milk this week...and i may or may not have had a glass every day.  mmmmm.

that is all.


Ashley said...

BYU Creamery Chocolate Milk is the best drink ever. That's where I got my freshman fifteen from. :-D

Liz Smith said...

oh honey, i'm sorry, but you have not tried real chocolate milk until you've had oberweis chocolate milk. it is A-MAZING!!!! when you decide to come visit your mama liz out here in chicago, i will show you what real chocolately goodness is. ;)