Saturday, July 24, 2010

hi from the greens

well, life here has been wonderful & busy!

our twins are 7 months old!!

we took the babies fishing for the first time earlier this month. josh's grandparents and uncle mike came. i'm so glad great-grandma coleman was there to help with the kiddos while the boys fished. (yes, she really did help. she is one spunky and active great-grandma!)

so exhausted from the trip...i love sleeping baby pictures! :)

we also went camping for the first time since the babes were born! we went to meeks bay (lake tahoe) with uncle mike and aunt heidi and their two girls katelyn and julianna.

here they are, dirt faces and all! (i am so not looking forward to those days!)

both babies loved being outside! they were perfectly happy to play in their pack n play by all of us. here's eden chillin.

view of meeks bay:

in other news, ezra's first tooth broke through this week!

oh, my handsome boys :)

getting so big!

eden has learned to crawl! she is exploring everything.

oh and after she learned to crawl (checked that off her list) she started standing up like 2 days later. crazy beautiful girl.

the babies have been interacting with each other so much lately too. i love it! here they are wrestling. eden usually wins haha.

i'm so excited for today! josh and i are going with a couple of friends to see Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat at Music Circus! And tonight is my dad's 50th birthday party!

hope everyone has a great weekend!

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Liz Smith said...

these are some awesome pictures! your babies are so cute and they definitely look like they are having tons of fun. They are definitely going to be best friends! although i have to say im glad Eden knows how to lay the smackdown! girl power! lol.