Friday, April 30, 2010

'saucer love

My little babies are getting so big. Daddy is taking them in this week for their four month well- baby check up - which means more shots :( - so we shall see just how big they are!

A few weeks ago they were getting really restless and acting like they really needed something to keep them entertained and boy did we find the solution...exersaucers!! They love them.

( we lucked out and scored 3 of these beauties for a total of like $8. Woo hoo!)

Ezra's first time...he's thinking about liking it.

Ezzy loves looking at the mirror. I would too if I was as cute as him!

Edie loves her pink 'saucer

Look at that sweet face! I just want to eat her up!

PS I just figured out how to upload more than one picture on here at once! I have been doing it one by one this whole time. Don't know if I should be super excited that it's so much easier or embarrassed that I never noticed before :)


Kutys said...

i don't know how to upload more than one picture...which is why i haven't posted ina very long time. i still need to post from Masons birthday but want to put more than one picture so i haven't done it yet, i need to learn.

Candie said...

oh amelia, you will laugh at how easy it is (at least i did). when you click to upload a picture, right above the box where you select your picture, there is a little link that says "add another picture". that's it! i'm not sure if there is a limit, but it sure beats doing it one at a time!

Brooke Trogdon said...

there is a limit of adding photos in one session. Like 5 pictures and if you want to add more to your post you just do it in a second add pictures. I just click the add more pictures until it's full and then upload them. It does take a little longer but fun!

Oh and Candie, I love the pink exersaucer. I would still love it if your mil could find one for Evan? Is that a possibility? She's such a great scavenger!

Liz Smith said...

i love their facial expressions!!!! such happy babies. i love it! sounds like you are loving the motherhood. :) :) :)