Friday, April 2, 2010

the race is on!

ok, not really. but tomorrow will make 5 weeks until the Susan G. Komen race for the cure!! i posted a while back about my goal to complete the 5k on 5/8/10 [side note-if any of you are still considering it, it would be fun to all go together!!]

the race raises money to find a cure for breast cancer. it's such a great cause and has given me some more motivation in the getting-into-shape-category. i've run the race before but this year i'm planning on walking it with josh and, of course, eden and ezra.

eden and ezra have been my biggest supporters! they go with me on my walks and keep me company. nice of them, eh? they sure do love it outside. sometimes if we go in the evenings josh comes too and i've even been able to jog a couple of times. getting back into shape (slloooooowly) feels good. i just hope life doesn't get too crazy when i go back to work and i can still make time for a little exercise.

family walk

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