Monday, April 5, 2010

pet peeve

today ezra has literally been screaming almost every waking moment. i love him but sometimes he drives me nuts! the sooner we teach him signs so he can communicate, the better! both babies are currently sleeping so i thought i'd take this moment to vent about one of my pet peeves. i can't think of many pet peeves that i have but today i realized i do have at least one...

the conversation went like this-

michael's clerk: aww, you have your hands full! twins?

in my mind: oh no, please no chit chat. i am trying to juggle a double stroller, a hand basket, screaming ezra and my wallet. please make my check-out quick.

me out loud: yep

clerk: one boy and one girl?

me: yep

clerk: wow, that's neat; that doesn't happen very often

me: yeah, i got lucky

in my mind: wondering what statistics she's referring to?

clerk: are they identical though?

in my mind: are you kidding me?

me out loud: nope not identical if they are a boy and girl

seriously people. this happens about once a day. i thought everyone knew b/g twins could not be identical. you know, different parts and all? guess not.

ps i think i did a pretty good job at not letting on that i was annoyed and honestly josh and i usually just laugh about it. i blame my attitude on the aforementioned screaming baby day.


Tessa Buys said...

I'm sorry. I had to laugh, though. And I'm jealous that you were at Michaels :).

Tabitha said...

I'm sorry about the screaming baby. That's so hard to deal with. Have you tried wearing him in a sling or wrap?? That would be hard with twins, but if just one is screaming it may work... ?

Hope you got something fun at Michaels!

Matthew and Katherine Kerr said...

Haha I love the stupid things people say! Just start telling them all that your twins are identical even though they are different genders! Your babies are sooo adorable!

Liz Smith said...

LOL. wow. gotta love peoples' dumbness. it's good you can laugh about it now. :)