Wednesday, March 31, 2010

i love my life...

so, i have been thinking a lot because i go back to work in a week and a half and i am very sad about it. i mean, it will be easy compared to being a mommy of twins, but i would much rather be at home with my babies.

anyway, i am going back to work (for now--it is temporary) because i need to for our family. i feel good about that. and we are VERY fortunate because my mom (grammy) is going to watch the babes. but josh and my goal is for me to be able to stay home sometime soon.

i had a little moment of clarity in my thinking this past weekend. this whole time since the babies were born (and even while i was pregnant) i guess my mindset has been that i won't be a good mom or the best mom i can be until i am able to stay at home. but i realized that what my babies need is nurturing; i can do that. they need to be taught; i can do that too. they need to be taken care of and loved and read to and played with; i can still do all those things. i don't need to put being a good mom "on hold" until i'm not working full time. with the lord's help i can be the best mom i can be even if i am working and that gives me hope.

well that's it for now. thanks for listening.

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Brooke Trogdon said...

I love your perspective! And it's only temporary.