Wednesday, March 31, 2010

i love my life...

so, i have been thinking a lot because i go back to work in a week and a half and i am very sad about it. i mean, it will be easy compared to being a mommy of twins, but i would much rather be at home with my babies.

anyway, i am going back to work (for now--it is temporary) because i need to for our family. i feel good about that. and we are VERY fortunate because my mom (grammy) is going to watch the babes. but josh and my goal is for me to be able to stay home sometime soon.

i had a little moment of clarity in my thinking this past weekend. this whole time since the babies were born (and even while i was pregnant) i guess my mindset has been that i won't be a good mom or the best mom i can be until i am able to stay at home. but i realized that what my babies need is nurturing; i can do that. they need to be taught; i can do that too. they need to be taken care of and loved and read to and played with; i can still do all those things. i don't need to put being a good mom "on hold" until i'm not working full time. with the lord's help i can be the best mom i can be even if i am working and that gives me hope.

well that's it for now. thanks for listening.

photo shoot - 3 months

our friend Megan Svetz ( took some adorable pictures of our cuties a couple of weeks ago.

here are a few of my fav's:

eden kelli & ezra joshua
12 weeks old

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

my cute boys

Monday night Josh decided to grill chicken for dinner. He taught Ezra the ropes...

i'm a nerd...but a frugal nerd!

the last few weeks i've been finding all these money-saving blogs. i think i have a new obsession.

this week i got these for less than $4 a pack:

these were $0.65 each

got these for $2.25 a pack
and (my fav) I got these games for $2 each!

i told josh i could save us so much money if i stayed home blogging and shopping all day :)

we have a lot of financial goals for this next year while we're both working--I am really excited to work hard to achieve them!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Happy 3-Month Birthday Eden & Ezra!!

house happenings

I have been meaning to do a HOUSE post for quite a while before the babies were born (whoops). But, better late than never...right?

Anyhoo, this is our wonderful house:

Short story of how we happened to get this beauty: The previous owners, the Kents, were the original owners of the house (they bought the house when it was brand new in 1960). Mrs. Kent passed away and about a year later Mr. Kent passed away too. The couple had two grown sons who were selling the house.

--enter our realtor, Cary--

Cary called us up at about 7 o'clock one night and said, "sorry to bother you, etc but there is a really nice looking house that JUST went on the market and I know it will go fast. Do you want to look at it?" Of course by this time we had been looking for a house for about 6 months and were growing increasingly anxious to find one before the babies arrived. So, we went and had a look. While we were there 2 other young couples stopped to look at it as well--very disheartening :(

The house was nice. Like, nicer than we thought it would be. The decor and style were a little on the mature side for us (come on, what do you expect with a senior couple living there) but the house was very well maintained and you could just tell Mr. Kent took pride in his home.

There was a family room addition which lets in tons of light and looks over the backyard. Speaking of the backyard, I absolutely fell in love with it (pictures to follow).

Well, we put in an offer as high as we could comfortably go but it still wasn't the highest offer. I think the reason we got the house, besides Heaven's help of course, was because Cary wrote to the Kent brothers telling them all about us and that we were a young couple starting our family. I think they wanted to keep it a family home and I am forever grateful :)

So, we are slowly making the house our home. We have plans to add some more space to the two smaller bedrooms and to update the kitchen in the future. We are so excited and grateful to have our house!!

Even more exciting is that as the different seasons progress we keep finding sweet surprises, like these

yep, they just sprouted up without warning and I was quite pleasantly surprised...but was even more surprised as when I found this:

and don't even get me started on THESE:

according to my Nana, these are Irises (yes, about 1000 of them!). can't wait to see when those beauties bloom!

these are (some of) our rose bushes, just starting to bud:

and these are (some of) our fruit trees:what kind of fruit? we're not sure yet but we're excited to find out! we know we have a cherry tree which our neighbors Bill and Connie (who are also the original owners of their house) say has the BEST cherries!

This last weekend Josh and I decided to do some work out in our yard. He planted flowers and Gardenia bushes out front...

and we both planted our garden:
we are growing basil, chives, squash, zucchini, tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, green and red bell peppers, jalapeno peppers, cucumbers and pickling cucumbers.

Well, this post was mostly just for me to reflect on how grateful we are that Heavenly Father has blessed us with this home. We look forward to many years here.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

st. patty's day

this is how josh looked when he left for work this morning:

oddly enough, it's very much like he looked on the day we met, 3 years ago exactly! the only difference is that his hair was permanently dyed green then and he was wearing a plaid shirt with camouflage shorts!

who wouldn't fall in love with this quirky, sweet, funny, handsome, loveable guy?

happy anniversary to us...happy St. Patrick's Day all of you!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

all before 9am...

4 diaper changes
3 pairs of clothes
2 beautiful babies
1 happy mommy

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

dear diary...

so this week is josh's 3rd week back at work (or is it the 4th?). i am adapting to life at home with the kiddos by myself. it is the hardest job i have ever had. i joke with my mom that when i have to go back to work (april 12th--ugh) it will be so easy compared to taking care of these two little ones :) i wish i could stay home with them forever though! someday soon.

the babies are learning so much every day! they are smiling more and more which makes my heart melt! they are both almost 12 lbs now and are growing so well. they have also slept a couple of 7 hour stretches in the last week which has been heaven-sent. sleepless nights take their toll on me after a while. they usually wake up once sometime between 12 and 3am and then usually get up at 5 for the day. i have been reading a book called "healthy sleep habits, happy child" and it advocates naps whenever the babies act sleepy so i'm trying that today. i'm still reading to figure out the whole method, but we'll see how it works out.

i love the rain but wish it would clear up so i can get out walking/jogging more. on nice days the babies and i go for walks and yesterday i mowed the lawn after we got back. wow, that was a workout! (in my defense, our backyard has quite the hill). i have gone jogging a couple of times recently too but i have a long way to go before i get back into shape.

last night while josh was at school i had eden in my right arm and ezra in my left and i just rocked and sang to them as they fell asleep. it was truly the sweetest thing i have ever seen. i have an awesome husband who works so hard and helps me so much. we have a house that we love and live near family and friends who help us a lot. we have the gospel of Jesus Christ and a loving Heavenly Father who takes care of us. i feel like the luckiest woman in the world.