Monday, February 8, 2010

look, we're twins!

my poor babies have been sick {ok, truthfully i know it was me who passed on my cold :( } it's their first official cold, poor little stuffed up things. so this morning they smelled of sour milk and vicks vapor rub so it was definitely bath time!

we don't have too many matching outfits for the babies since they're different genders...but today after their bath i decided to dress them in the set of matching onesies and sleepers that we do have! they are so cute, i just want to snuggle them all day! lucky for me, i get to!

my co-worker julie got these onesies for the babies...very appropriate! i love how they're looking at each other --

of course even though they are dressed alike, eden had to have her little flower. a girl's got to accessorize!

the babies were also blessed yesterday. i will have to blog about that later when i find another free second! :)


Kutys said...

so cute! they are getting chubby, gotta love it!

tgirlie said...

So cute! I know I saw them all day yesterday pretty much, but I just want to hold them!!