Thursday, February 18, 2010

eden girl

my sweet babies will be two months old on Monday! time really does fly. it doesn't seem fair that the pregnancy part seemed to take FORever and now it's like i blink and another week has gone by. sigh.

i thought i'd post a little something about my sweet girl Eden.

AKA's: "the girl", eden girl, edie, edengreen (said as one word), chub cheeks, little one (or wittle one depending on my mood), sister, little miss, missy

TALENTS: holds head up and stands on laps like a pro. loves to look around. loves long walks outdoors, hates sleep and fights naps like crazy, ravenous eater, has perfected the "ooo" lips face. has the chubbiest most kissable cheeks around!finally out!


Tessa Buys said...

She's gorgeous! I wonder if a little girl will ever come our way.... She's precious!

Liz Smith said...