Monday, February 15, 2010

be my valentine

this is a day late, but i wanted to dedicate this post to my valentine...

14 reasons why i love joshy:

14. he lets me call him joshy

13. he likes to fix things

12. he buys me flowers because he knows i love it

11. he loves our minivan and that makes me smile.

10. he loves the outdoors

9. he likes my cooking
8. he is silly and makes me laugh

7. he supports me with my goals (note the t-shirt)

6. he opens my door

5. he gets up at night with me and the babies

4. he always sneaks a picture in of my booty whenever he gets ahold of the camera haha.

3. he loves the Lord & is always trying to be better

2. he is a great dad

1. he tells me i'm beautiful ALL the time

...and many many more reasons. i love you josh!

1 comment:

Liz Smith said...

what a sweet hubby!

and you definitely have a hot butt! ;)