Saturday, February 27, 2010

chubby bunnies

Eden & Ezra--9 weeks

Thursday, February 18, 2010

ezzie boy

i love my baby boy!

AKA's: "the boy", ezzie, ezzie boy, mister/little mister, brother, froggy boy, little man, mr. krabs

TALENTS: has the biggest, cutest buggy eyes ever. learning to smile, VERY dramatic if not fed within seconds of waking. hates his diaper changed, but is getting over that. tall and handsome; look out ladies. enjoys car rides and long walks. loves naps, bless him!"FEED ME!"

eden girl

my sweet babies will be two months old on Monday! time really does fly. it doesn't seem fair that the pregnancy part seemed to take FORever and now it's like i blink and another week has gone by. sigh.

i thought i'd post a little something about my sweet girl Eden.

AKA's: "the girl", eden girl, edie, edengreen (said as one word), chub cheeks, little one (or wittle one depending on my mood), sister, little miss, missy

TALENTS: holds head up and stands on laps like a pro. loves to look around. loves long walks outdoors, hates sleep and fights naps like crazy, ravenous eater, has perfected the "ooo" lips face. has the chubbiest most kissable cheeks around!finally out!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

new goal... complete the 5k race for the cure on 5/8/10 in sacramento. and i actually talked josh into joining me (yay!). anyone interested in joining us?

Monday, February 15, 2010

be my valentine

this is a day late, but i wanted to dedicate this post to my valentine...

14 reasons why i love joshy:

14. he lets me call him joshy

13. he likes to fix things

12. he buys me flowers because he knows i love it

11. he loves our minivan and that makes me smile.

10. he loves the outdoors

9. he likes my cooking
8. he is silly and makes me laugh

7. he supports me with my goals (note the t-shirt)

6. he opens my door

5. he gets up at night with me and the babies

4. he always sneaks a picture in of my booty whenever he gets ahold of the camera haha.

3. he loves the Lord & is always trying to be better

2. he is a great dad

1. he tells me i'm beautiful ALL the time

...and many many more reasons. i love you josh!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

baby blessings

our babies were blessed this last sunday in sacrament meeting. we feel so lucky to have so many family members and friends who love us and our babies. it was a special day.

Monday, February 8, 2010

look, we're twins!

my poor babies have been sick {ok, truthfully i know it was me who passed on my cold :( } it's their first official cold, poor little stuffed up things. so this morning they smelled of sour milk and vicks vapor rub so it was definitely bath time!

we don't have too many matching outfits for the babies since they're different genders...but today after their bath i decided to dress them in the set of matching onesies and sleepers that we do have! they are so cute, i just want to snuggle them all day! lucky for me, i get to!

my co-worker julie got these onesies for the babies...very appropriate! i love how they're looking at each other --

of course even though they are dressed alike, eden had to have her little flower. a girl's got to accessorize!

the babies were also blessed yesterday. i will have to blog about that later when i find another free second! :)