Monday, January 11, 2010

adventure to target

today josh and i ventured out to Target with the babies. big step, i know! i admit i was a little worried there would be people coming up wanting to touch them and stuff, but luckily no one did. good thing too because i got full permission from my mother in law to body check anyone who tried lol.

while we were there, a lady did stop us to chat for a bit. she has 6 1/2 year old boy/girl twins and said she was surprised we were out this early because all she did was cry for the first 3 weeks. luckily i got most of my crying out the first week :) but it was neat to talk to her and see her kids and think about our babies growing up. josh and i are quite pleased each day when we realize the babies are still alive so we must be doing something right :)little man

pretty girl


Matt & Kali said...

Candie--I am SO happy for you. Your babies are the cuties things ever! Congratulations!!!

Brooke Trogdon said...

Congratulations on the outing! Did it feel good to get out? Hey now that I'm on leave, I feel like I have nothing to do, when in reality I have a ton to do. Ack! You look fantastic!

Liz Smith said...

do people really go up and touch random peoples' babies?? i dont think i would be cool with that at all! im so proud of you guys....i can barely handle going to the grocery store alone. im sure it felt good to get out. theyre so cute!