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the view from where i stand...

my great grandma said the best time of her life was when all of her babies (10 children!) were at home around her feet. Great Grandma, you were so very wise.

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BiShoPs pUmPkIn FaRm

On Friday my grandma had surgery to remove a mass from her lungs. We were so relieved that the doctor said it doesn't look like cancer. Won't know 100% until the lab results are back, but we are all hoping he has seen it enough to pretty much be able to tell from sight. So, on Saturday morning while Josh was taking the LSAT (so proud of him!), I took the babies over to the hospital to visit their great grandma. She was so happy to see them. She told me she is going to get them a wagon for Christmas (SHHH don't tell them). How cute is that?

So anyway, on to the title of my post...

After the hospital and Josh's test, Aunties Trulie and Sierra and Josh and I took the babies to Bishop's Pumpkin Patch. It was pretty sweet.

They had a petting zoo and free hayrides (wish I hadn't left the camera with Josh - Eden is the one in the air with the orange shirt :) The babies loved the feel of the hay - surprisingly. They also tried to eat the hay the whole time - not at all surprising.

This place had MILLIONS of pumpkins! So many and some of them were huge. The pumpkins themselves were pretty fair priced - my sister Sierra got her big one for $4. Not too shabby. Here are some pictures of our fun day.

The babies watching the piggy races

There was also train and a corn maze...lots of things that would probably be better when the babies are older. It was a fun and busy day.


Ezra's first haircut!


the shaggy do


the combover (was cracking me up)

action shot

such a big boy!
Thanks Amelia!

Friday, August 27, 2010

august (and too lazy to add pictures to this post)

Oh hey, yeah it's me. We're alive and well...just been too busy to blog!

So much has happened this month! Our babies turned 8 months old on the 22nd. I can NOT believe they will be a year old in only a few short months. It is so fun watching them learn!

Ezra now has SIX teeth broken through. He just got his first one a month ago but they all decided to come at once :). He has also mastered crawling pretty well. He pulls himself up to standing too...and for a while there he couldn't figure out how to get back down again. He has figured that one out too which is nice because he doesn't just stand there crying anymore.

Eden is super-fast-crawler-baby. She is there one minute and then I turn around and find her down the hallway just like that (snap fingers). She is both sweet and stubborn (yes, it can happen) and her hair is crazy as ever. Her favorite thing to do is crawl into the kitchen and play with the little spinner thingy on the dishwasher that says "clean" or "dirty". Both of them are "talking" a lot and even talking to each other. Maybe all those rumors about "twin speak" have some truth to them?

The babies have tried lots of foods now: rice cereal, oatmeal, squash (their fav), carrots, sweet potatoes (another fav), green beans, peas, corn, pears, apples, bananas (i do not like their poopies after they eat bananas - yuck! just imagine what a banana looks like when it's about a week too ripe). We have tried feeding them those little Gerber puff things...Ezra likes them pretty well but Eden refuses to eat them. She sticks out her tongue to block us from putting it in her mouth. And, if we can sneak one in she acts like she is choking. Can you say drama queen?? :) Oh well, maybe she'll like them once she gets some teeth.

Last weekend was way fun. We visited Josh's sister Haley and her family. They live in the cutest little town on the coast called Cayucos. And their house is like 200 yards from the beach. I'm not exaggerating. We actually camped out in their back yard and it was so amazing to hear the ocean waves all night long. Mom and Dad Green went and Josh's brother Jeremy and his wife Ashley came for a day too. The babies got to meet their cousin Addison for the first time and Their other cousins Brighton and Jace were great with them. Haley and her husband Matt are starting a new business selling stand up paddle boards and equipment. Haley took us to Morro Bay and we got to try SUP (that's what you call it when you're in the know). It's like a surf board, but you stand up and use long paddle to move. We had a ton of fun. Thanks for having us Haley!

This last wednesday (the 25th) was our 3rd wedding anniversary! 3 years and 2 kids. Crazy! I can honestly say it's been an amazing 3 years and I look forward to many more! Josh is such a sweet husband. He is always trying to make me happy. Plus he cooks and cleans most nights so what more can a girl ask for ;) But seriously, I scored big time by marrying him. He is the best.

Well, today was a nice surprise. I got to stay home from work because my parents are sick (feel better soon marmie). I wish I could stay home everyday, but I cherish days like these at home with my babes. They are growing so fast and I just try to soak up every minute (they are napping right now btw, in case you are wondering why i'm on the computer instead of playing with them :) ) Anyhoo, because the weather was nice and because I was already up early this morning, I went jogging for the first time post pregnancy. It was killer, but I'm glad I did it. I know it'll get easier the more I do it.

That's august in a nutshell. Hopefully i'll get around to more posts and pictures next month~

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warning: i'm new at adding hyperlinks and can't figure out how to make it open in a new window

so, remember this post? well, i'm happy to say that i'm almost done with week 2 of "pre training". finally got my booty in gear and started doing something. long way to go still, but it feels good to be headed in the right direction.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

hi from the greens

well, life here has been wonderful & busy!

our twins are 7 months old!!

we took the babies fishing for the first time earlier this month. josh's grandparents and uncle mike came. i'm so glad great-grandma coleman was there to help with the kiddos while the boys fished. (yes, she really did help. she is one spunky and active great-grandma!)

so exhausted from the trip...i love sleeping baby pictures! :)

we also went camping for the first time since the babes were born! we went to meeks bay (lake tahoe) with uncle mike and aunt heidi and their two girls katelyn and julianna.

here they are, dirt faces and all! (i am so not looking forward to those days!)

both babies loved being outside! they were perfectly happy to play in their pack n play by all of us. here's eden chillin.

view of meeks bay:

in other news, ezra's first tooth broke through this week!

oh, my handsome boys :)

getting so big!

eden has learned to crawl! she is exploring everything.

oh and after she learned to crawl (checked that off her list) she started standing up like 2 days later. crazy beautiful girl.

the babies have been interacting with each other so much lately too. i love it! here they are wrestling. eden usually wins haha.

i'm so excited for today! josh and i are going with a couple of friends to see Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat at Music Circus! And tonight is my dad's 50th birthday party!

hope everyone has a great weekend!

Friday, July 23, 2010


have you ever been faced with a decision which should make perfect sense, but for some reason you just get a feeling that you can't ignore which says you should reconsider?

josh and i had that experience recently and i'm so grateful that Heavenly Father lets us go through these experiences to help us learn to trust him.

it's a long story and i'll spare most details, but basically we had the opportunity to re-finance our home loan to an INCREDIBLY low apr at NO COST to us. we had a lot of questions and felt like the whole process over the last month had been very rushed and, frankly, too good to be true. the situation has definitely helped us rely on the spirit's promptings. i'm thankful that sometimes the promptings are to take a step back and pause to think things through and reason things out. sometimes even after reasoning, it still doesn't feel right. don't always know why... and don't need to. "i know that [God] loveth his children, neverthless i do not know the meaning of all things" 1Ne 11:17.

anyhoo, it ended up that our re-fi actually worked out great and we feel so blessed that the opportunity came our way to lighten the financial burden. more importantly, though, we feel blessed to have the Holy Ghost and a Father in Heaven who is always waiting to teach us when we are listening.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

god bless america, land that i love!

First of all...


The 4th of July is one of my favorite holidays! We had a lot of fun going to Lincoln last night for fireworks with my family, and our friends Joe, Brooke, Evan and Penny. The show was pretty spectacular. Maybe I'll try to get Josh to upload a video from last night. I am thankful to live in this country and enjoy so many freedoms!

One freedom that I am especially grateful for today is the freedom to worship how I want. Today while Josh and I were teaching our primary class (10-12 year olds) something really neat happened. We were talking about Joshua and the Battle of Jericho. I'll spare you the details, but basically I could just see a light bulb go on with one of the girls in our class and I knew she had felt the Spirit and learned something. It gave me goosebumps and I'm feeling very blessed to be able to serve in the primary and in the church.

God Bless America!!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Happy 1/2 Birthday Eden and Ezra!

Tomorrow the babies will be 6 months old! They are getting cuter and more fun every day! We love our babies and love spending time together as a family!

Today Josh and I both woke up feeling like we had been hit by a truck - we were so exhausted! So, we took the day off to recover and got to spend some special time with the babes.

Ezra and Eden have been eating rice cereal for a few weeks now, but today they tried solid food for the first time! Carrots, yummm...

Ezra didn't know what to think of it.
Eden actually ate quite a bit before she realized it was different (I think). Then all of the sudden she started acting like she was going to gag. LOL
It's hard to believe how much they've grown and learned in the last 6 months! It's exciting.
Eden is learning how to crawl! She rolls and scoots all over the room and she gets up on all fours and rocks back and forth. Any day I'm expecting her to get the hang of it. She also has learned that her nose makes noise. Her new trick is scrunching up her nose and mouth and breathing really hard in and out. It's really funny. She is also learning how to sit. Today I sat her up and she stayed there by herself for at least a full minute, maybe longer!

Ezra is such a happy boy! He is SOOOO giggly and laughs all the time. Oh, he still gets mad - and you know it when he is - but for the most part he's a really loving, cuddly baby who LOVES attention. He is also getting good at sitting up and can sit for 30 seconds or so at a time without help!

We love you Ezra & Eden!! We are so blessed to have you in our family!

Sunday, June 13, 2010


too bad ezzy's a little blurry. still cute though!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

redwoods trip

For Memorial Day weekend, we took a trip with my family up to Eureka to visit the redwoods. It is so gorgeous there! One of my favorite places on earth. It was Josh's first time going and, of course, Eden and Ezra's first time as well.

They also had a lot of other "firsts" this trip. The most exciting to me was their first time swimming! Josh and I took them to our hotel pool the first night we were there! I love the water and they do too. They had fun I think and Eden's chubby little legs were kicking like crazy. So cute!
We also took the babies to the beach for the first time. First time seeing the ocean! Pretty sweet.

My sister Trulie

Of course we tried to see as many of the amazing trees as we could on our short trip.

This is a where's Josh? shot...

Abbie and I at the "Big Tree"

Some not huge-but still cool-trees


We had to stop for a few pit stops to feed the babies. Isn't this the funniest picture of Edie? :)

Auntie Trulie feeding Eden

Pappy holding Ezzie

Ezra and Mom in a wooden chair

Ezra by himself in the wooden chair. Instantly after this pic was taken he fell over and bonked his head :(

Eden on the wooden chair. Dad stood by just in case she had an Ezra-incident.

Josh and I in a hollow log

Look, our kids are in a tree!

Sweet hubby in front of a sweet fallen tree (the roots side)

More roots. Isn't that just cool?

A tree growing out of another (fallen) tree.

Plants growing out of a log.

This tree is called the Dyerville Giant. It fell in 1991, but before it did, it was measured at at least 362 feet tall . It is 52 feet in circumference and probably weighs over a million pounds!

Four sisters in a tree

After we drove around, we went back to Eureka and checked out this restaurant on the Marina. It was a cool atmosphere. Josh took this picture so that's why he isn't in it...

I entertained Ezra by tickling his feet

Josh entertained Eden by letting her play with his hat

Boats on the marina right in front of us while we ate

We checked out a couple of "tourist-y" spots too.

This is a big tree. People drive through it.

We saw some elk in the field

On the way home, we drove through the Avenue of the Giants. And giants they were!

So, that was our weekend in a nutshell. It is exhausting traveling with babieS. I think Eden's face describes how we all felt - beat! But, it was a beautiful place and a lot of fun!