Friday, December 11, 2009

my favorite room

so, the babies' room is my favorite room in the house right now...which is a good thing since i'm sure i'll be spending a lot of time in there :) it's probably my fav just because i actually put some time and thought into decorating it. the top 1/2 of the room is cream and the bottom is green with a white chair rail to match the furniture. josh actually put up the chair rail himself and helped my vision come true. what a crafty husband i have!

i made the kiddo's names out of craft letters to hang above their cribs, but now we're re-thinking our boy name so i'm postponing that part of the room decor.

Mom Green helped us find some sweet furtniture. I love this chest--it's gorgeous and will make an awesome toy box:

(chest open:)
another sweet find was this beautiful fully stocked :)

just some more pics...

oh, and i HAD to post a picture of the closet. josh's aunt Becky came up to us one day at church and said she had found a bunch of diapers for cheap and wanted to know if we wanted to buy them. of course we said yes. little did we know she had found us 800 diapers for $50! how crazy is that? oh, and not to mention she also threw in 4 jumbo packs of wipes as a bonus. this picture doesn't do it justice, but we have quite the stockpile...which will last us probably a couple of weeks haha.
we really feel blessed. Heavenly Father is taking care of us and these babies by sending us such generous friends and family. thank you all so much!!!


Kutys said...

their room looks great! you guys did a good job. I remember going into Masons room before he was born and just sitting there, his room wasn't much at the time(it was our den/laundry room) but i loved looking at all his stuff, i would pull his teeny tiny little clothes out and look at them over and over. what a fun time in your life...savor it, you only have your first baby/babies once. next time around you'll have TWO crazy kids running around. i have to admit i envy you guys a little bit right now, i wish i could go back to that time and relive it, so fun and exciting.
p.s. i still am in awe at those little newborn diapers and the fact that mason used to wear them.

Brooke Trogdon said...

I love the room and it looks great! So i was betting that you are going to deliver on December 21st and if that is the case then you will be having babies in just 10 days. You're going to have 2 little cuties before you know it and I can't wait to meet them. You guys DO have a ton of diapers.

Awesome decorating and oh yeah I go and sit in the baby's room all the time too! it's my favorite room as well.

tgirlie said...

yay! I can't wait until there are babies in there. Drake's gonna be so jealous of the rest of us. :)

Dani said...

So cute! Won't be long before your babies are in there too! We're so excited for you!