Monday, December 7, 2009

crab 'n snow

ok, so in recent years i have become somewhat...stingy thrifty frugal. i'm all about a good bargain.

this last weekend Raley's had dungeness crab on sale for a ridiculously low price so josh and i splurged and had an at-home crab feed!

doesn't josh look so happy? he LOVES crab.

other exciting news, we woke up to snow here this morning. it rarely even trys to snow here and NEVER sticks so this was a big deal :)

our backyard, orangevale CA 12/7/09

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Liz Smith said...

so we are supposed to get that storm in the next day or so....although im sure it will have mutated a bunch by the time it reaches us. :P thank goodness we are leaving in a few days.

those crabs look so good!! im so proud of you for making them! ive never had the courage to buy crabs or lobster. they are delicious!