Sunday, November 29, 2009


almost time for maternity leave! i will be so happy when this week is over; only 5 more work days. i can't wait to catch up on sleep and projects before the babies come. and of course i'm ecstatic that i get to be home for at least 3 months with my babies. my job is a good job and i'm thankful to have it...but truthfully i don't want to think about going back to work after my leave time is up. it scares me. so, i'm not thinking about it :) i'm just focusing on this time with our babies. yay!

Thursday, November 26, 2009


just some of the things i am thankful for. i am so blessed!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

blog slacker

i am such a blog slacker. there, glad i got that off my chest.

life has been really good and REALLY busy for us lately. i know it's only going to get more so once we have these babies. the last few days i've been starting to feel really nervous about the fact that we are going to have children (plural) in about a month. it's such a crazy thought that our lives will be so different. we are so excited and feel so blessed and really we can't wait to meet our son and daughter.

i had an ultrasound last Friday. the babies are growing and look healthy. baby a (girl) looks to be 5lb 3 oz and baby b (boy) 5lb 13oz! i admit that i was excited when we found out we were having twins because the babies would be smaller. with 6 weeks until i'm due, i'm beginning to worry we're still going to have huge babies, and TWO of them! i can't complain because i'm glad they're healthy...i'm just hoping we have them before Christmas.

we are moved in and getting settled in our house. still have a lot of blank walls. i'll get to decorating someday. the most exciting news is that we bought a big chest freezer and went to costco and stocked up last weekend! i'm such a nerd, i love food storage!

i have taken pictures of stuff i've been meaning to blog about, but i'm too lazy to go into the other room to get the camera to upload them on here (and i got not shame admitting it either). again, someday i'll get to it :)

Monday, November 9, 2009


We finally have internet again! I plan on updating this with pictures of the move, etc. Quick re-cap since I'm headed to work: we moved into our first house!!, started setting up the nursery, got a piano :), unpacked and are getting settled. The babies are doing good and growing well. I'll be 32 weeks (8 months) tomorrow! It's flying by and we're getting excited to meet these little ones. Well, more to come later...