Thursday, October 1, 2009


THIS is what I'm craving:

A big-FAT-juicy-Togo's sandwich. A #8 on onion herb bread with cheddar cheese, add mustard, hold the onion to be exact. Ah man, I really am not complaining because my pregnancy has been great so far, but I do miss cold lunch meat! (in case you were wondering, yes, they tell you not to eat it while pregnant).

I have been craving sandwiches so much. Josh is so sweet and promised to go to Togo's after the babies are born and bring me one...I made sure to point out the nearest location to the hospital so he will know right where to go :) Sigh. Only a couple more months of abstinence.

Just for argument's sake--we have a slight disagreement in our household as to which sandwich shop is the best. I prefer Togo's. Josh LOVE love loves Beach Hut Deli. What is your favorite?


Brooke Trogdon said...

Mr. Pickles hands down. They're dutch crunch is amazing. P.s. maybe I'm breaking the pregnancy rules, but I've had a few cold deli sandwiches myself and well...a tinsy bit of feta too. I know bad me, but it's so hard to not eat EVERYTHING EVERYONE tells you to not eat. They have said though that if the meat is heated up it's fine. So to each there own. I'm super proud of you for doing such an awesome job and think of it as your first sacrifice for the babies and from what I'm told there is a lot of sacrificing as a mom. :0)

joylyn said...

I had no idea you weren't supposed to eat cold cut sandwiches while pregnant. oops! I hope Josh remembers to get you one after the babies are born so you can satisfy your craving. You are going to be an awesome mother to those little ones. You've already got putting their needs above your own down.

Liz Smith said...

that's so funny. i heard it depends on your doctor really. I've had my sisters in law tell me. about half of them were told not to eat it, and the other half were told it was okay. haha. i guess it's always better to be safe than sorry though.