Saturday, October 3, 2009


Co-worker #1: wow candie! every time I see you, your tummy just get's more and more...

Me: a basketball?

CW#2: it's soooo cute!

CW#3: when are you due?

Me: i'm due January 5th. they'll probably come in December though.

CW#3: oh! you still have like 3 months left!

CW#4: pretty soon you won't be able to fit into the elevator!

Apparently my co-workers think I'm going to gain 3000+ pounds in the next 3 months. Nice.

I'm making a funny face in this picture, but for the kiddos sake, I thought they might want to see what I looked like someday in the future

26 weeks 3 days


Adam said...

haHA! I'm going to think about you now whenever I ride an elevator.

Brooke Trogdon said...

THEY DID NOT SAY THAT!!!! oh my.. No one should ever say that you won't be able to fit in an elevator. Sheesh, you look beautiful and I'm happy to see you finally put a photo up.

Perfectly Precocious said...

You look amazing! My brother told me I was as big as a house, so I guess I have you beat. :)

Liz Smith said...

uhh...ok...rude...or at least highly lacking in tact. whatever, you look freaking awesome!!! i mean, i would never know that you are carrying twins! you're beautiful bon bon. :D

Matthew and Katherine Kerr said...

Candy, you look so cute pregnant! I still can't believe you are having twins... I'm really jealous! Also, I didn't know you weren't allowed to have cold cut lunch meat when pregnant, that must be terrible! I can't wait to see pictures of these little babies!

tgirlie said...

You do seem to get bigger every time I see you, but in a definitely GOOD way...just your tummy where those darn kids hanging out. :)

You really are a cute pregnant lady. :)