Monday, October 12, 2009

a little update

We are going to sign papers for our house this Wednesday! Hopefully we'll get the keys a few days after that. I've never been so excited to PAINT and MOVE in my life (though I won't be able to do much of either...hmmmm). Hooray for a home!

Saturday, October 3, 2009


Co-worker #1: wow candie! every time I see you, your tummy just get's more and more...

Me: a basketball?

CW#2: it's soooo cute!

CW#3: when are you due?

Me: i'm due January 5th. they'll probably come in December though.

CW#3: oh! you still have like 3 months left!

CW#4: pretty soon you won't be able to fit into the elevator!

Apparently my co-workers think I'm going to gain 3000+ pounds in the next 3 months. Nice.

I'm making a funny face in this picture, but for the kiddos sake, I thought they might want to see what I looked like someday in the future

26 weeks 3 days

Thursday, October 1, 2009


THIS is what I'm craving:

A big-FAT-juicy-Togo's sandwich. A #8 on onion herb bread with cheddar cheese, add mustard, hold the onion to be exact. Ah man, I really am not complaining because my pregnancy has been great so far, but I do miss cold lunch meat! (in case you were wondering, yes, they tell you not to eat it while pregnant).

I have been craving sandwiches so much. Josh is so sweet and promised to go to Togo's after the babies are born and bring me one...I made sure to point out the nearest location to the hospital so he will know right where to go :) Sigh. Only a couple more months of abstinence.

Just for argument's sake--we have a slight disagreement in our household as to which sandwich shop is the best. I prefer Togo's. Josh LOVE love loves Beach Hut Deli. What is your favorite?