Saturday, September 5, 2009

good things are happening

We heard back from our Realtor that our latest offer on a house was accepted by the seller! Of course it's a short sale, so the bank has to review and approve it (which could take up to 6 months) but we are hoping things will work out this time! This is further than we've gotten so far in our hunt experience and we are both really excited.

It's a halfplex in Orangevale (1/2 of a duplex). It's pretty new (built I think in 2007) and has about 1630 square feet. We are praying for a miracle so that hopefully we get to move in there before the babies come!!

We also registered for baby stuff a couple weeks ago and they gave us a gift pack with a bunch of sample stuff and coupons, etc. I had to take a picture of this:
It's a tiny diaper! Yes, that is my smallish cell phone next to it and it's nearly the same size! I can't believe how little it is. Of course, my parents babies never fit into the newborn-sized diapers when they were born (big babies) but with twins, I'm thinking they will be teeny. I'm so excited to have these two sweet tiny babies come to our family! Even little things like thinking about having 4 stockings at Christmas instead of 2 makes me smile.


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The Cobabes said...

I am so excited for you. I remember when Amelia bought my diapers right after I announced I was pregnant with Em, and seeing how tiny they were! She was barely in newborns, but I'm sure your twins will have their fair share of time in them.

Good luck with the house.