Monday, August 31, 2009

the hunt

ok, so you've probably heard this before, but house hunting is really frustrating! so far this has pretty much been our pattern: 1. find a place we love 2. put in an offer 3. wait 4. start planning our lives there and how we can decorate and make it our home 5. we wait some more 6. after much waiting we find out for whatever reason it doesn't work out.

the good news is, josh and i are both learning to trust in the lord and exercise more faith. we feel like we are on this unspoken "deadline" to move before the babies come, which could be any time after October (somehow i just don't see how we would fit all four of us and our 2 cats in our tiny one-bedroom apartment). but, despite the worries, it still feels good to be looking and doing everything we can. i know Heavenly Father will take care of us. i'm still amazed that he is sending us two of his children at once and is trusting us to raise them. i know He has a plan for us and things will work out. the best part is that i know He wants us to be happy NOW too. so we'll just keep enjoying life and looking forward to more blessings to come.


joy said...

You have such a great attitude. And you're right the Lord knows you and things really will work out. Congrats again on the babies and good luck with house hunting.

tgirlie said...

Things will work out Can. I'm glad you know the Lord is good, He is. You'll be happier if you continue to trust him than you would have been if you hadn't...that might not make sense, but I think you get what I mean. :) Love you! (and Josh & the babies)

Liz Smith said...

way to be candie! i agree with you. everything is going to work out. your faith is going to help you be a great mom. the house thing will work out. You will find something that you are going to love and then think to yourself, 'i cannot imagine myself anywhere else.' *hugs*