Monday, August 24, 2009

green babies!

I know all I post about lately (and maybe from now on) are our babies. But, we are so excited for them! Our lives are going to change completely the moment they're born. It's unreal to think about.

I had another doctor's appointment today and everything looks great! I have my 20 week ultrasound tomorrow which is always exciting. It's also our anniversary tomorrow so Josh is coming with me on a date to Kaiser :) I still can't feel the babies though so I was a little worried...but doc says it looks like the placenta is in the front so that could be why (you were right Amelia!). Normal pregnancy is 40 weeks total and with twins she said if I make it to 37 it will be "outstanding". Pretty much anything after 34 weeks is bonus, so she says.

And I was so excited today when my co-worker Julie gave me these adorable onesies---

I love having a common word as a last name!


Trulie said...

cute Can! I knew the babies were fine! :)

Adam said...

love the onesies

The Cobabes said...

Omy gosh those onesies are awesome! You should definately take pictures of them matchin in cute. I'm so excited for you. Motherhood is truly wonderful.

Liz Smith said...

that is awesome!!!!! i love it!!! i simply cannot wait to see how they look in them. :D :D :D