Monday, July 20, 2009


tis the season...for garage sales! we have definitely been taking advantage of the summer season garage sales and have found some awesome deals. we bought two cribs for $10 each and a matching changing table for another $10. somehow we found room for them in our tiny 1 bedroom apartment...for now. (and by "finding room" i mean they are sitting dismantled in our living room). also we helped mom green put on a garage sale this past saturday. it was fun, but so hot! she was nice and let me sit in the air conditioned house most of the morning. being pregnant has it's perks :)

some other exciting news is that we found a townhouse which we really like! it's in orangevale. it's 3 bed + den and 2 1/2 bath. it needs some tlc and personal touches, but that's the exciting part! the seller accepted our offer, but since it's a short sale, the bank has to review it and approve the sale. the bad part is the bank's part could take upwards of 90 days. boo. but, we're hoping to hear back any day.

we are really looking forward to the coleman reunion this week (josh's mom's side of the fam) and we are excited for lindsay and stephen's wedding on 8/1! i just hope i still fit into my dress. eek!

aaaaannd we have an ultrasound appointment this thursday! I feel lucky that we get one every month. we are hoping to find out the sexes of our babies this time. (crossing our fingers that the babies cooperate!!).

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kali said...

Hey Candie! Congrats on your twins!
I hope you hear about your house soon!
Just FYI - We put an offer on a short sale in April... and we thought we would know by July, but no... apparently the bank can take as long as they want!
I hope yours doesn't take long!
Good Luck!