Sunday, June 28, 2009

A. Okay

Well, I haven't made an official "we're pregnant" post, so I thought I'd at least give a little update!

We're pregnant with TWINS! They are due January 12th and we are super excited! I guess I was a little hesitant to post anything because it was so soon and you know, anything could happen. But, I went to the doctor Friday and everything looks great with both babies! I was SO relieved to hear that. I am such a worrier anyway, but I'm trying hard not to be because I can imagine it's not good for the babies.

So, anyway, we are just getting over the shock of having TWO babies coming. Soon our family will go from 2 to 4 just like that! We are so excited!

Here are the pictures from Friday's ultrasound visit. From the ultrasound, she said it looks like I'm actually 12 weeks, which means maybe they're due January 5th instead. Either way, we're pretty much expecting them before the end of the year anyway. Maybe having twins for our first babies will be good because we don't know how hard it is going to be anyway, so it'll feel normal...that's what I've been telling myself! :)

Here are both babies together (sorry it's so small) The one on top is "Twin B" and the one underneath is "Twin A":

Here are individual shots:

Twin A (left) was super wiggly and would hardly hold still for the picture. Twin B (right) she said looked like he was sleeping and while we were watching, he put his hand up to his mouth...a thumb sucker already?? :)