Sunday, May 10, 2009


This weekend we took a short trip to St. George for Brian and Ann Middleton's wedding. Josh and I refer to Brian as our matchmaker--(He and my roommate Camie set us up on our first date!) :)

So, Brian and the lovely Ann they got married Friday in the St. George Utah temple. It was a BEAUTIFUL sealing and reception. The couple was gorgeous and the temple was absolutely breathtaking.

Josh and I with the happy couple:

The (amazing) St. George Temple:

On our way there, we stopped in Mesquite, Nevada to visit Josh's great grandparents Coleman and some other relatives' gravesites in the Mesquite City Cemetery.

The graves of Lyle and Dallas Coleman (among others):

This might make me sound really morbid and weird, but I love cemeteries. I don't know why exactly, but I think they're so peaceful and there's just something special and sacred there.

We stayed in the town where the reception was held, which was called Overton, NV. It's in a little valley about 10 miles south of I-15 and about an hour from the Utah border. The area was called Moapa Valley. It was a pretty little farming community but there was literally one hotel and one grocery store, a McDonalds and two gas stations. Oh and 2 1/2 LDS churches :) I say 2 "1/2" because one of them was burnt nearly to the ground in an electrical fire last month so it's not really functioning. Luckly for Moapa Valley, there is a stake center and another ward building within 5 minutes of each other.

Sad church building:Don't worry, here's a driveby shot of a "new" building:

We made an adventure out of the long drive. We rented a convertable to take out there (which was totally fun).

We drove through Valley of Fire State Park (in Nevada). It's basically like a mini Arches National Park--lots of pretty red rock and even an arch rock. Oh, and it also had cool petroglyphs on one of the rocks (and yes, my legs are sore from climbing the stairs).

We also drove through Las Vegas (my first time). It was cool, but too many girly posters and ads and such for me. No thanks.

So funny story. Josh pointed out "Joshua Trees" on our drive there and I thought it'd be cute if we took a picture of him (Joshua) next to one of them. Get it, Joshua-Tree? Ok, so we pulled off the road to snap a shot...

And then I tured around and saw these:

hahaha! Seriously? Who leaves their panties on the side of the road??

It was such a fun trip and despite the 20+ hours of driving, it was so nice to get away and see friends.

We love you Brian and Ann! Congrats again!!


Liz Smith said...

how fun, i love weddings. i didnt know you'd never been to las vegas?! it's fun to see at night.

and i love the convertible....we rented one once when we were in california but they gave us a pt cruiser convertible...definitely not as cool as the one you guys got to drive. :)

and i would have booked it out of there fast after seeing that underwear. lol.

Brooke Trogdon said...

Okay so those are a LOT of stairs and my legs would be super sore too. I love all of the photographs especially the one with you in front of the convertible. It looks like a car ad the way you have it parked. Also I love the one where you are actually in the car with your hair flying all over.

Oh and I did get it "joshua tree". Pretty clever.