Saturday, April 25, 2009


Well, I'm relieved to report that we are feeling much better! That last sickness just lingered on forever, but we're crossing our fingers that it was the last one this year.

Yesterday we had some friends over for a barbecue & games. It was a lot of fun. Our apartments have a clubhouse which we have rented a couple of times for such occasions. It's nice and all...but I wish we had a big enough house to entertain friends. Speaking of which: we talked to a Realtor today! His name is Cary Lane (cute name, huh? sounds like a street :) ). Anyways, the Trogdons recommended him to us and I was really impressed when we spoke today. Hopefully he'll be able to help us out. We are excited and want to buy a house this year!


The Cobabes said...

good luck finding a house? what area are you looking at?

Brooke Trogdon said...

AWESOME!!! I LOVE Cary, he's so real and honest. Great choice for a realtor