Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Well, today has been quite the day. Work is super busy because I was out last week for training and Monday of this week we had a mandatory day off. So, I'm trying to get caught up and not feeling good (again!). Sore throat, headache, not fun. THEN, I had a dentist appointment. How can it be that between my last visit 6 months ago and today I have FIVE cavities??! Yes, FIVE! That. Is. Ridiculous. The dentist asked me if I've been flossing. No, but that's nothing new. Have I been eating lots of sweets? Yes, but again, this is nothing new. I'm just flabbergasted. My first cavity was in 2006. None before and none since. Until now. Boo.

Ok, anyways, this post really should be titled the best hubby ever because when I got home I found these:

(and he didn't even know about the cavities :)). Josh is a sweetheart. Oh, and just because I didn't post them before, he also got me these for Easter:

Yes, I love fresh flowers and he knows it. Love him!


Brooke Trogdon said...

my throat hurts too and my teeth are lame as well. cavities suck. I'm glad your honest about the whole flossing and eating sweets thing. I do too, but I always feel guilty for actually saying it. I started flossing once or twice a day because now I'm a bit paranoid. haha love the flowers!

joy said...

I love the flowers! Yay for great husbands!

Trulie said...

beautiful flowers...but I laugh at your cavaties...serves you right for all your years of gloating about no cavaties ever. :)

Candie said...

well, my dentist was like "the good news is once we put a filling on, it's virtually impossible to get a cavity there again". I told him to just fill them all then! He didn't think it was funny.

Amy E said...

Ick...I've always had bad teeth (too little enamel) and am prone to cavities. I need to be better about flossing and sweets, but who wants to do that? :) And as for the filling thing and no more cavities, etc...good luck.
Awesome flowers--what a good hubby you have!

The Cobabes said...

my throat hurts too.

i love calla lilies. those easter flowers are beautiful!! when i am rich, there will always be fresh flowers in my home.

yay josh for getting your wife flowers. good man!

The Brewer's said...

What beautiful flowers! Good job by your hubby!