Friday, January 9, 2009


As some of you may have guessed, Josh occasionally helps with our blog. Just a brief disclaimer if you have noticed the interesting background and photo choices (no offense Babe). But, I do encourage him in his creative efforts. My husband so great--Isn't he handsome? :)


Warner said...

oh my gosh.... i was just browsing on Liz's blog and there you were.... how fun it is to keep in touch with people through these silly blogs :) anyway, looks like you are doing great! i always think about you when i see knitted stuff and really wish i would have learned from you... i remember you giving me a lesson but it never took.. bummer! hope to hear from you :)

Warner said...

by the way i am your old roommate if you don't remember :) liberty square and maiden name grigoruk.

Mac Family said...

Hey Candie! I love your intro picture. That scenery was beautiful. And not to mention the people in it too! Hope all is well with you!