Saturday, January 31, 2009

25 Random Facts About Me (Candie)

Like Jeanette, I also did this on Facebook, but just in case you wanted to read about ME, here you go :)

25 Random Facts About Me

1. Even before I met Josh, my favorite color was (and still is) GREEN!
2. I make lists for everything.
3. I am obsessive about keeping my work desk clean.
4. I once found a pile of fingernail clippings in a church hymnal.
5. I love steel wool. Especially for household cleaning.
6. BYU is my alma mater (go Cougs!)
7. I am a Food Network Fanatic.
7. I once was almost accosted by a man in Idaho who thought he was Jesus.
8. I like sneezing.
9. I also like the tingly feeling when my foot falls asleep.
10. In college during work I played “Snood” every day to pass the time.
10. My family is crazy. People sometimes come over to my parents house just to watch and be entertained. Seriously.
11. I broke both of my feet-at the same time-dancing at a ward Halloween party.
12. I love the smell of rain.
13. I LOVE ice cream and could eat it every day. It is hereditary.
14. Saint Patrick’s day has a special place in my heart because Josh and I met on March 17th. Also, he had green hair.
15. I had 20 roommates before I got married; not all at onceJ
16. I went skydiving (another interesting note: I have a great-uncle that is a professional skydiver!)
17. I am a goal-setter. It’s what I do.
18. I won 2 chili cook-offs last year.
19. I want to be a contestant on The Amazing Race.
20. I competed in my first (singles) triathlon a few months ago. Thanks Brooke!
21. I have been to Disneyland Paris. I met Chewbacca there. Is that weird to anyone else?
22. I kissed a French boy on top if the Eiffel tower.
23. I used to be absolutely terrified of tall men.
24. I have freckles in my right eye.
25. Country music makes me smile.


Tabitha said...

So apparently we must be related :) I also make lists for everything, am OCD about keeping my desk clean (work and home) and I have freckles in my right eye too. Wow!

The Cobabes said...

yeah I'm thinking we are alot alike too. I also love the color green, make lists for EVERYTHING, like to keep things organized, like sneezing, and at one point loved snood. But now im onto bigger and better things =]