Saturday, December 26, 2009

once upon a time...

once upon a time there was a boy and a girl who met on a blind date. the boy and girl fell in love and soon they were married!

now the boy and girl called each other husband and
wife. they loved their life together and had a lot of fun adventures. they were very happy and couldn't imagine spending life without each other. one day the boy and girl thought to themselves that someone was missing from their family. soon they found out they were expecting a baby and they were so happy! imagine their surprise when they found out they were actually having TWINS!

the months passed and the babies grew and grew and each day the boy and girl got more excited to meet their little boy and little girl.

soon the BIG day arrived and the boy and girl were very excited to have their babies!

the girls' dad and the boy gave the girl a priesthood blessing and they knew everything would be just fine during the delivery.

{the girl walking to the operating room}

the doctors and nurses took good care of the family and soon the babies were here!!

{first picture of Eden Kelli Green 12/22/09 6:57am, 6lbs 7oz 19 3/4" long}

{first picture of Ezra Joshua Green 12/22/09 6:59am, 7lbs 5oz 19 3/4" long}

then the nurses brought the babies over to the girl to meet for the first time...

{meeting Eden for the first time}

{meeting Ezra for the first time}

then the babies were off to recovery to make sure they were healthy and stable. the boy promised the girl that he would follow the babies and stay with them...

then the girl, who was now the mom, went to the recovery room too. she loved looking at her babies.

the boy, who was now the dad, got to hold the babies for the first time!

{Josh & Ezra}

the babies got their first baths. grandma G and grammy and pappy cottman were there to meet them to.

{Ezra's first bath}

after recovery, mom and the babies were taken to the postpartum room where they would live for the babies' first few days of life.

the girl got to hold the babies for the first time and she was so happy!!

{Candie & babies 12/22/09}

the family had lots of visitors come. unfortunately they didn't get pictures of everyone, but they felt very loved and blessed.

{Aunt Pam and Great-Grandma Cottman)

{mom's friend Jyl}

the dad's chair to sleep in was not very comfortable and after a few days they were anxious to go home.

but while they were in the hospital, they loved the time with their babies. they couldn't believe how beautiful and perfect they were!

{Eden's tiny feet and Ezra asleep in the background}

{perfect little angels}

{no, seriously they are}

then the boy and girl got the perfect christmas gift--they got to take the babies home!

{Josh with Ezra and Eden all ready to go home!}

the mom's family came to visit them at home and so did grandma G.

{Aunt Sierra with Ezra}

and the mom and dad survived the first night home!

{daddy's little girl. Josh and Eden 12/26/09)

Thank you to everyone who has helped us and loved us and our new precious babies! The babies are doing well and Candie is recovering nicely. We want to wish you all a belated Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!

Monday, December 21, 2009

the final countdown

bags are packed and carseats are installed. by this time tomorrow we will have 2 kids! we are so excited! it's going to be the best christmas ever!

Monday, December 14, 2009


for my friends who blog but don't do facebook, here's a lovely picture for you:

36 weeks 5 days (12/13/09).

so, i'll be 37 weeks tomorrow. went to the doctor today (first of 4 appointments this week by the way). baby a is still breech so c-section is a must. i was practically in tears when the doctor asked me if i was ready to have the babies. YES!! i keep telling them they should come out and meet everyone and that it's not so bad out here. i guess they're just happy using my bladder as a cushion and being squished together. or maybe (as mom reminded me) they're getting some extra counsel form Heavenly Father and family like my grandpa Wendell before they come.

whatever the case may be, doc scheduled my c-section on my 38 week mark-- Tuesday 12/22/09! it is such a relief to have an end in sight (or a beginning depending on how you look at it). if all goes well we should have them home just in time for christmas!!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

first christmas tradition

it's a family tradition in my family to get a teddy bear for baby's first christmas. i still have mine. here is a picture of my bear. his name is bandaid.

i really want to pass this tradition on to our kids. so, since the twins will most likely be here before Christmas, i thought we better be prepared just in case. it took a lot of searching to find just regular teddy bears! but i finally found some cute ones at target. don't they look like happy little twin bears?

Friday, December 11, 2009

my favorite room

so, the babies' room is my favorite room in the house right now...which is a good thing since i'm sure i'll be spending a lot of time in there :) it's probably my fav just because i actually put some time and thought into decorating it. the top 1/2 of the room is cream and the bottom is green with a white chair rail to match the furniture. josh actually put up the chair rail himself and helped my vision come true. what a crafty husband i have!

i made the kiddo's names out of craft letters to hang above their cribs, but now we're re-thinking our boy name so i'm postponing that part of the room decor.

Mom Green helped us find some sweet furtniture. I love this chest--it's gorgeous and will make an awesome toy box:

(chest open:)
another sweet find was this beautiful fully stocked :)

just some more pics...

oh, and i HAD to post a picture of the closet. josh's aunt Becky came up to us one day at church and said she had found a bunch of diapers for cheap and wanted to know if we wanted to buy them. of course we said yes. little did we know she had found us 800 diapers for $50! how crazy is that? oh, and not to mention she also threw in 4 jumbo packs of wipes as a bonus. this picture doesn't do it justice, but we have quite the stockpile...which will last us probably a couple of weeks haha.
we really feel blessed. Heavenly Father is taking care of us and these babies by sending us such generous friends and family. thank you all so much!!!

Monday, December 7, 2009

crab 'n snow

ok, so in recent years i have become somewhat...stingy thrifty frugal. i'm all about a good bargain.

this last weekend Raley's had dungeness crab on sale for a ridiculously low price so josh and i splurged and had an at-home crab feed!

doesn't josh look so happy? he LOVES crab.

other exciting news, we woke up to snow here this morning. it rarely even trys to snow here and NEVER sticks so this was a big deal :)

our backyard, orangevale CA 12/7/09

Saturday, December 5, 2009

update and paranoia

well, at my last ultrasound "twin B" (baby boy) was measuring 5lbs 13 oz and "twin A" (baby girl) was measuring 5lbs 3 oz. so, since one is a lot bigger than the other my doc wants me to go in twice a week until the end of my pregnancy now to do non-stress testing--just to make sure they are each getting enough blood flow and are moving like they should. so, i'm pretty much going to live at Kaiser in december i think. i don't mind though, especially because yesterday was my last day of work!!!

ok, this is random but last night i was watching a show on the discovery channel about multiples and they showed a woman having quadruplets. when they pulled them out, the nurses were so rough with the babies! flinging them around and turning them upside down, holding them with one hand, etc etc. i was horrified! what if they drop my babies!? am i the only one paranoid about this?

on a brighter note, josh's co-workers gave us a baby shower last night at BJ's in folsom (& we saw the Kutys there which i was excited about). it was a lot of fun and j's work friends were very generous. i can't thank everyone enough for all the help and generousity you've shown us! we truly are blessed.

Sunday, November 29, 2009


almost time for maternity leave! i will be so happy when this week is over; only 5 more work days. i can't wait to catch up on sleep and projects before the babies come. and of course i'm ecstatic that i get to be home for at least 3 months with my babies. my job is a good job and i'm thankful to have it...but truthfully i don't want to think about going back to work after my leave time is up. it scares me. so, i'm not thinking about it :) i'm just focusing on this time with our babies. yay!

Thursday, November 26, 2009


just some of the things i am thankful for. i am so blessed!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

blog slacker

i am such a blog slacker. there, glad i got that off my chest.

life has been really good and REALLY busy for us lately. i know it's only going to get more so once we have these babies. the last few days i've been starting to feel really nervous about the fact that we are going to have children (plural) in about a month. it's such a crazy thought that our lives will be so different. we are so excited and feel so blessed and really we can't wait to meet our son and daughter.

i had an ultrasound last Friday. the babies are growing and look healthy. baby a (girl) looks to be 5lb 3 oz and baby b (boy) 5lb 13oz! i admit that i was excited when we found out we were having twins because the babies would be smaller. with 6 weeks until i'm due, i'm beginning to worry we're still going to have huge babies, and TWO of them! i can't complain because i'm glad they're healthy...i'm just hoping we have them before Christmas.

we are moved in and getting settled in our house. still have a lot of blank walls. i'll get to decorating someday. the most exciting news is that we bought a big chest freezer and went to costco and stocked up last weekend! i'm such a nerd, i love food storage!

i have taken pictures of stuff i've been meaning to blog about, but i'm too lazy to go into the other room to get the camera to upload them on here (and i got not shame admitting it either). again, someday i'll get to it :)

Monday, November 9, 2009


We finally have internet again! I plan on updating this with pictures of the move, etc. Quick re-cap since I'm headed to work: we moved into our first house!!, started setting up the nursery, got a piano :), unpacked and are getting settled. The babies are doing good and growing well. I'll be 32 weeks (8 months) tomorrow! It's flying by and we're getting excited to meet these little ones. Well, more to come later...

Monday, October 12, 2009

a little update

We are going to sign papers for our house this Wednesday! Hopefully we'll get the keys a few days after that. I've never been so excited to PAINT and MOVE in my life (though I won't be able to do much of either...hmmmm). Hooray for a home!

Saturday, October 3, 2009


Co-worker #1: wow candie! every time I see you, your tummy just get's more and more...

Me: a basketball?

CW#2: it's soooo cute!

CW#3: when are you due?

Me: i'm due January 5th. they'll probably come in December though.

CW#3: oh! you still have like 3 months left!

CW#4: pretty soon you won't be able to fit into the elevator!

Apparently my co-workers think I'm going to gain 3000+ pounds in the next 3 months. Nice.

I'm making a funny face in this picture, but for the kiddos sake, I thought they might want to see what I looked like someday in the future

26 weeks 3 days

Thursday, October 1, 2009


THIS is what I'm craving:

A big-FAT-juicy-Togo's sandwich. A #8 on onion herb bread with cheddar cheese, add mustard, hold the onion to be exact. Ah man, I really am not complaining because my pregnancy has been great so far, but I do miss cold lunch meat! (in case you were wondering, yes, they tell you not to eat it while pregnant).

I have been craving sandwiches so much. Josh is so sweet and promised to go to Togo's after the babies are born and bring me one...I made sure to point out the nearest location to the hospital so he will know right where to go :) Sigh. Only a couple more months of abstinence.

Just for argument's sake--we have a slight disagreement in our household as to which sandwich shop is the best. I prefer Togo's. Josh LOVE love loves Beach Hut Deli. What is your favorite?