Friday, September 26, 2008

Photo op

In order to complete this tag, you have to search the answers on an image search engine and then post a picture from the first page of results with the answer. It’s lots of fun!

My Favorite Vacation: our first cruise earlier this month--Baja Mexico on the Monarch of the Seas.

My Favorite Color: pink! I have a few favorites, but pink is definitely one of my top picks.

My Current Age: 26. This is a T-26 light soviet tank.

My Favorite Treat: that's easy...ICE CREAM!

My Favorite Food: Fajitas. Yum.

My Favorite Animal: skunks. I got Josh a little finger puppet skunk for Christmas last year.

The Place I Want to Travel The Most: Anywhere in that Beach Boys song "Cocomo". This is a picture of Montego Bay.

The Place I Grew Up: Loomis, Ca. It's a little town of around 6000 people. It's about 30 miles NE of Sacramento. Love this sign! it reminds me of going home :)

The Place I Live Now: Folsom, Ca. It's nice. Another suburb of Sacramento. This is a picture of the Rainbow Bridge, built in 1919. Folsom has a lot of cool history, bridges, bike trails, etc. It's a fabulous place to live.

Last Name: Green!! Josh and I met on March 17th, so St Patty's Day has a very special place in my heart :) also, Josh had green hair when we met

Middle Name: Louise. This is a picture of Lake Louise in Alberta, Canada. I had never heard of it before, but looks pretty, EH?

First Name: Candie. HAHAHA! I was hoping to find a picture of the brand Candie's shoes...but I saw this and couldn't resist. This donkey's name is Candie! (yes, spelled my way)

Something I Used to Love: Halloween. I used to love getting dressed up and trick-or-treating. Now I find the Holiday quite disturbing (disclaimer: I still think the cutsey fall decorations are fun).

Thanks Ashley, this was fun. Anyone who wants to share, consider yourself tagged (??Brooke, Liz, Tabitha??)

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truliecrazy said...

Um, how can you now find Halloween disturbing? It's one of my favorite holidays to this day, it is so fun. Also, I laughed out loud for a good minute about the donkey...:) remember when we used to drive by that house around the corner from the Kathy Way house and the girls would always say, "hi Candy"...and it took us a while to realize they were talking to that random dog on the corner? Ahhh, good memories. :)