Monday, July 7, 2008

Happy Independence Day

I LOVE the Fourth of July! Usually the Cottman family tradition is to go to Lincoln and watch the big fireworks show at McBean park with the Buys family. This year Josh and I and most of the Cottmans (and Josh's good friend Chandler) went camping in Santa Cruz County at Sunset Beach. The weather was gorgeous! The beach was beautiful and the company was fun. We were told that fireworks were banned in the entire county because of the fires going on throughout the state, but we were lucky to see a few shows around the bay from the cliff in our campsite. Saturday the 5th, we all stopped at the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk for some fun and sun. Even though as Josh says "it's a small people's amusement park" we had fun on the rides and I had fun riding the Carousel with my siblings and entertaining childhood memories (the Carousel has been there since 1911!) I love this country and am proud to be an American! Happy Fourth of July everyone!